Dedicate Yourself to a Spiritual Practice

Without a Dedication to a Spiritual Practice change is just a Fantasy.

This quote caught my eye! ‘Spiritual Practice congers up images of ethereal mists floating through the heavens. Nothing I can grasp and hold onto!

So? What exactly constitutes a Spiritual Practice?

I know there is a higher power in the Universe…whether that for you is God, Universal Consciousness or Mother Nature. There is an Over-Reaching and All-Powerful Creative ENERGY that Powers ALL Life here on Earth. I knew I needed to Tap into this Power to Create what I want in life…not just Tap into this power but learn to Harness it! Charles Haanel in the Master Keys, states…

“The World Within creates the World Without”

A Spiritual Practice is one that awakens us to this Higher Power, creating within us a connection that is very personal. Our Faith increases as we learn that we Can get Our Own inspiration. This inspiration is insights, AhHa’s!, and our feelings of subtle influences. “…after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice…And it was so… Elijah heard it,” 1 Kings 19:12

My Spirit knows, do I listen?

“The Spirit of truth will guide you into all truth”, John 16:13. I’ve been taught in scripture, that the Father knows what I need before I ask. Then it is my opportunity to turn within creating an awareness of what I am thinking.

How can I learn to listen to what my Spirit’s saying to me?

In All the readings I have perused…they all say the same thing! We must be Still! Quiet the Mind. Calm the Body. Breathe. And the Listen to the pure inspiration that comes from on High! David O McKay observed about our devotion to meditation, “There are 2 elements: One is the spiritual communion arising from our own meditations; the other, instruction from others…Of the 2, the more profitable…is meditation.” “Meditation is one of the most secret, most sacred doors through which we pass into the presence of the Lord.” Catherine Thomas

Just Think! Quiet! The peace that surpasses all understanding! I remember the times I’ve had a thought to do something and I did or didn’t follow the prompting? Have you ever wished you had listened when you didn’t?

How do I even develop these skills?

In The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali it says, “Perception of our true nature is often obscured by physical, mental and emotional imbalances. These imbalances can promote restlessness, uneven breathing, worry, and loss of hope. They can be prevented from engaging by developing a loyalty to a sacred practice.” Patanjali teaches us,

Be Kind to those who are happy.

Have Compassion for those who are less fortunate.

Have Honor for those who embody noble qualities.

Feel Equanimity to those who actions oppose your values.

I know the Body, Mind and Spirit connection is inseparable.  A Practice, a physical practice…An opportunity to calm the body, to practice stillness is a vital part of my sacred, spiritual practice. Below are some ideas that really Help Me!

Practice Slow; easeful exhalations can be used to restore and preserve balance.

Engage your focus on an inspiring object.

Cultivate devotion to the supreme, finding the Light within you.

Reflect on a peaceful feeling from an experience, a dream or deep sleep.

Dedicate yourself to anything that elevates and embraces your heart.

As I’ve learned to devote myself to this Spiritual Practice, I find that I get answers daily, ideas pop into my mind,  peaceful ways to associate with others, new class themes for my yoga classes, pure inspiration…

What Elevates your Heart? 

Do you worry about lots of things? I’m reminded of my mother-in-law, her son teases her and calls her to ask to her worry about something for him…

Are you restless? I started numbing myself with mindless TV, reading, even eating! If you feel a need to get a way! Often…Do you put off tasks that need to be done, but you’ve no heart or mind to do them?

Do you feel your dreams aren’t achievable anymore? Your too Old? You don’t have enough education?

Whatever you push away from and pu

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