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Dedicate Yourself to a Spiritual Practice

Without a Dedication to a Spiritual Practice change is just a Fantasy. This quote caught my eye! ‘Spiritual Practice congers up images of ethereal mists floating through the heavens. Nothing I can grasp and hold onto! So? What exactly constitutes a Spiritual Practice? I know there is a higher power in the Universe…whether that for you is God, Universal […]

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Active Spiritual Learning

A MasterMind! 2 or more People in perfect Harmony striving for the Same Outcome. Without an Active MasterMind Failure is Imminent! A Proven system for success that applies this New-Found or Re-Learned Wisdom? ” Learn Less and Apply More”

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Daily Sits

Meditation! Easy, Success Principles – Review, Practice, Succeed! Walk into the Unknown, with a Confidence that Belies All! Learn simple, proven methods and tap into the source of All Learning. Live Inspired!

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