Press Release

I had the opportunity today of meeting and interviewing an amazing woman. She has created an empire of Health and Healing, using Essential Oils, Yoga and the Master Key System. Under her tutelage hundreds have changed their lives from one of desperation and lost hope to a joy filled existence! Many had just given up thinking they could ever achieve their dreams…Oh, but those willing to work with Debbie have all experienced a mighty change! Which of course brings immense excitement into Debbie’s life! But, I’m not writing this article about that, this is about her achieving one of her dreams! That she and her husband bike around Kauai on their tandem bike.

Not really your average dream, but as you’ll see tonight, Debbie isn’t about being average! I heard about Debbie’s dream through a mutual friend. Today, I met Debbie for the first time. One might think that this ‘biking’ dream would belong to a long term race participant, but Debbie has never competed in racing. I was surprised to find an attractive and vibrant, yet, soft-spoken woman in her late 50’s; she is extremely watchful and tunes in to what you’re feeling when you are with her. Debbie says that this is a gift of inspiration that is not her own! “I can’t take credit for any of the successes, but I just Love Helping Others achieve their Full Potential!”  Her husband of more than 3 decades  sits beside her, also the picture of vitality…in fact, I think his eyes sparkle as much as Debbie’s!

“I love being outside and being active and the choices I’ve made have made all the difference..you know the mind, body, spirit connection is amazing!” She says with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Debbie loves the Body and feels it is the best gift God has given each of us; she rarely misses an opportunity to let you know how she believes. She also teaches that the body houses the mind and when you add in the flow from the Universal and Infinite Spirit (God) and you create Harmony…Well, you just have to watch in awe at what you can create using this Infinite Source of Power!

“I can push myself really hard, but this biking dream wasn’t about that.  We bought the tandem bike for our 30th Anniversary; I knew I wanted to bike together around the island!” “You see” she says, “This dream started clear back in 2006! We loved Kauai with our 1st visit and I wanted to return, but I had all but forgotten this dream when the economy tanked and we lost everything! I dreamed of 40-50 mile rides each day, followed by showers, dinners and walks along the beach in the afternoons and evenings.  I wanted to stay every night in a place with a nice bed and a hot bath…I was not about survival camping on a trip like this!” Debbie says laughingly as she gently pats her behind! Her husband Blair, who she lovely calls “Dude” smiles as he sits beside her and adds, quoting from the Master Keys, “How can you ever think to control the mind, if you can’t control the body!” Debbie rolls her eyes, giggles softly and acknowledges, “Touché”!

“In 2014, when I was first introduced to Mark and Davene Januszewski and ecstatic to earn a scholarship to the Master Keys: MasterMind Alliance system…They live in Kauai you know,” Debbie whispers!  “The remembrance of this dream started prickling again in my mind! You know,”  Debbie said with eyes aglow, “You can be what you will to be! And with this system you learn that Dreams are to be had! And they do come true! I’ve had the greatest of privileges to help others reach their dreams and goals for this system is about sharing and giving…You can only Give to Get!”

You can’t even pay for it, the Master Keys Experience, EVER!  The group from the previous year pays-it-forward for the upcoming year! I was astonished by this fact, and my face must have shown it! I don’t know of anything like this existing out in the world of self-help and self-mastery gurus. I have only been associated with buy this and then you’ll want this and that leads to a constant Up Sell.

“Unbelievable, isn’t it?” Blair says to me. “I introduced Debbie to Mark J and the Hero’s Journey and she takes off, surpasses my income and then scholarships me in to the Master Keys in 2015! And here we are fulfilling her dream!” Debbie smiles as if remembering, “Oh, I battled with my “old blueprint”, but I came to know that if I kept at it…I could and would be successful!” She adds, “I thought I was too old, I’d been a mother all my life. I really hadn’t had to work outside the home until after our financial collapse. I was sure I didn’t have anything to offer others and I knew that I would just work a job the rest of my life. I really didn’t know what I wanted; I felt as if I had no choices. Life had dealt me…well a bad hand. But, I was so wrong! I share what others have taught me…to use your mind in the way God intended us too! Using a myriad of different techniques all designed to just harness the power that already exists in each of us!”  “I’d be willing to bet, if you feel in the least as I did, you’re wrong, too!” she adds. The key Debbie shares is the opportunity to really learn how ‘to practice and then work hard’,  John Wooden, and that changes the way your brain’s cells fire! “What was incredible”, Debbie says, “was moments where desires that I had written – (I read them back every night and morning and many times in-between or I sat in meditation and used my mind to create visions) happened! All of a sudden I recognized…OH MY GOSH! Did that really happen? I just created that! Nothing feels finer and Nothing builds your confidence more than finding that success! It is No different than what the quote from Mark 11:24 in the Bible teaches, .

‘What things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them,and ye shall have them’

So I ask Debbie, “What would you say to the listeners, tonight?” Without a pause she answers, “Don’t Ever Quit!” “Follow the link below and ask for a scholarship to the Master Key System…I’ve paid it forward for many more to have this experience and…then… once you get your scholarship…DO everything to Keep it!  And BELIEVE!”

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