Week #17 — The Kind of Stuff of Which I’m Made!

2 weeks ago, We…my yoga partner and I, started 2015’s Lifted Life Yoga School’s Teacher Training Program. I could tell right off that this was going to be another amazing year! I felt so honored to have the opportunity to impart what I LOVE!

One of the 1st things we discuss is Adikara, or Studentship.  “Adi=self; Kara= To Make…Studentship is the process of making oneself ready. One would think that this means making myself ready to become a certified teacher but I felt it was more about making myself ready to be a better student.” Quoted from the paper I wrote as I first started my study to become a certified yoga teacher.

This past weekend was the 2nd part of Phase 1, and the student’s Adikara papers were turned in! As I’ve read the papers of this year’s class…I have been Blown Away at the depth of their desire to learn! I felt AWED at the responsibility I had to impart some Great Wisdom that they were seeking! Well, this I know…My Adikara Path has taken some unexpected, sharp turns…

I’ve now been on the path of yoga for 14 years, what started as a need to slow down with a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue in 2000.  As an active aerobics and spinning instructor…this was devastating!  My exhaustion was overpowering! Over the course of 2 months, I delved into research, looking for answers. Nothing came! I realized now, that this time was a necessary step as I found out for myself the kind of stuff from which I was made!  Looking back is always the easy way to see..and have Ah Ha’s…Hmmm???  I decided right then that if in 5 years I could enjoy the energy I considered normal – it would be worth anything I had to give. I see this now as my start to the Master Keys – and Emerson’s Law of Compensation – “You Have to Give More to Get More”. So, I embarked on a journey that led to many natural solutions, yoga and a new way of thinking!  Within 18 months, I had full energy and vitality; I was Back and so Excited! It was then that I wanted to learn more about yoga and my yoga hobby journey began.

When in 2008, my world crumbled as the Real Estate economy collapsed and I had to create a career…Now, I know this sounds like a friend’s favorite quote, “Do You Want some ‘Cries’ with that ‘Whaa Burger?'” But over the last 8 years, we’ve lost everything. I had to create a career and other than mothering, I knew yoga! I started teaching as many classes as I could! I think at the apex I was teaching 17 classes a week and working as the Assistant Manager @ a Fitness club and I was Exhausted! I Loved teaching, but coming home was dreaded! I truly came to feel that this was All I could expect for the rest of my life! 

1676086-hero_s_journey_copyLast May I was exposed to the “Hero’s Journey” and I wanted more than anything to be the Hero in my life! I wanted to rescue my husband from his despair and succeed. And so commenced my path to the Master Keys!

You Might be Thinking, What has this to do with Adikara and Yoga? Well, here it is…Everyone Has Challenges and the depth of my experience in relation to my success, a mentor taught, “depends on the number of times I’ve successfully made the journey”. Which to me means, I haven’t quit! I’m still here and I’ve some grand experiences to share, so follow me and though your path may look different…climbing is still …well, climbing! And DO I EVER LOVE TO CLIMB!

My parents both 81, 2 brothers and their families, my hubby and Me! A top Little Cottonwood!


With my yoga training and teaching came an understanding that the postures (asana) of yoga are not about bringing this great exercise to the body (although, it does), it’s about finding you, your higher spiritual self. “It is the true union of our will with the will of God” Iyengar “It… means the disciplining of the intellect, the mind, the emotions, the will;…it means a poise of the soul which enables one to look at life in all its aspects evenly.” Mahadev Desai This sounds just a bit like being “interested in causes, rather than the effects” Haanel or “not being tied to the results, but being tied to good actions…even though good results always follow good actions” ME!

Well, somehow, even though I have taught this now for 10 years, until this last year…I didn’t really believe it applied to me! Yep, I was the one exception! Through the aid of the continuous work at first required, but now embraced…I have HOPE! I see with New Eyes! I can…No I AM, a person that can guide true seekers to believe in the attainment of their dreams! For “The mind may place the ideal a little too high and fall short of the mark; it may attempt to soar on untrained wings and instead of flying, fall to earth; but that is no reason for not making another attempt…ease and perfection are gained by repetition.” Haanel

So I asked the students if I could share excerpts from their papers…they agreed!

how+did+I+get+here?-“How Did I Get Here?” artist Caitlin Connolly

“Never discourage anyone…who continually makes progress, no matter now slow” Plato  “Not even oneself!” student

“Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence” Abigail Adams


“I consider myself a truth-seeker” student

“It is what it is!” “…the circle of our life sometimes is pulled to the past “what ifs” or the future “what will be” and is pulled out of shape” student

“I learn through hard things and it’s OK…I keep trying and doing the things I love…admitting your weakness frees you to continue on your journey…” student

“Through the years of studentship,my story has changed. A story that once swirled around depression and childhood abuse, has now become one of joy, love and light and most importantly GRATITUDE…In the Gita it says, ‘It is the Lord who. manifesting Himself through man’s consciousness removes the darns of his mind. Through knowledge one attains detachment and ultimate freedom.’ This has truly been the case for me” student

“I’m deeply curious. I have an unrelenting, unquenchable thirst for knowledge. I must create or I die. I’m accepting and open, I’m overly observant. And I laugh at myself all the time.” student

“As I meditated …my soul realized my yoga Adikara needed to better form, I saw stars and poetic soul-juice filled my being. I can’t express all of the feelings I have,…about this…, but I can promise I am stokingly, delighted beyond description.”   student

The Poetry —

An interstellar-home, my fresh lit star in self  
 Seeks rawness, security and feeling whole.  
On the alter I offer my ego, humility and soul;  
With the dream to discover with bliss  
My Universal soul flow.

I’m ecstatic about helping others fulfill their dreams…I thrill as I participate in others success!

I am a glorious combination of the 5 elements:

  • Of Space – I’ve an open heart and mind and I’m ready to take in all that is offered.
  • Of Air – I’m adaptable with a quick mind that is able to see connections and quickly grasp new ideas.
  • Of Fire – I burn away the dross and with my mind and heart I teach the light of knowledge, which puts “light on that which was dark”- unknown. I also have the desire, the burning passion to learn and apply and the incredible will to change.
  • Of Water – I Reflect the good I see happening ALL around me!
  • Of Earth –  With steadiness and diligence I practice continually, persistently!

Thus, Yoga is a practice, the Master Keys is a practice and Living is a practice – ALWAYS  and “Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance”.  Mark J  And Adikara is about ALWAYS taking the “Seat of the Student”, which means to me I’m willing to learn, to s-t-r-e-t-c-h, to grow, regardless of the outcome and to practice…knowing that if I develop good habits, the results will be as they should be! Trusting in a higher power, a God, who is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and wants our Success!



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Trish - April 17, 2015

YES!!! You GO!!! 🙂

Christel Waltman - January 27, 2015

Debbie, You have been through a lot in life and are coming out whole, beautiful, strong, courageous, harmonious and happy. Glory to God for your recovery, your peace of mind and insights.
Blessings, favor and God’s continued Truth and Guidance to you on your Journey:)

    Debbie - January 28, 2015

    Christel…I am! And I love it! Life is so Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!…Kind thoughts are right back at you!

Cheryl - January 27, 2015

Amazing blog Debbie – thanks so much for sharing your journey. I love the attitude of being a student of life – keeps us always open to learning and growing. Look forward to reading your blog next week.

    Debbie - January 28, 2015

    Cheryl, Thank you! I love being a student…but I haven’t always…I thought it was TOO Hard! But we KNOW differently now! Thanks for your journey and sharing it together!

Sarah Horne - January 26, 2015

Amen, amen. Such beautiful words of poetry and truth. Have I told you lately how thankful I am for you?! You go girl!

    Debbie - January 28, 2015

    We’ll only go together…cause we’re a mastermind! I love you! I love this work! Watch me Fly!


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