Survive? How to be blissful in today’s world

Survive! I must Survive!

You don't have to keep the pace to Survive


Lights, Camera, Action Can I keep this pace in which we live? Hardly a breath, no time for thoughts, must keep going, doing, and in constant motion?

The inner mind a constant jabber?

Watch Closely...do more than surviveOur creator, God created us just this way… To capture all that is going on around.

The colors, the patterns, the smell, the movement, the light, the shadow..

 are captured in the blink of an eye. Saved for use, whenever needed.

How then do we learn to pause, to ponder, to observe, and to use this gift?

I took

  • pushing,
  • forcing,
  • doing,
  • moving,
  • perfecting
  • driving for results… and traded it for …

Survive! Live! Dance!

    • beauty,
    • reflection,
    • a laugh,
    • a smile, and
    • an unfoldment of life … at it’s perfect pace.

3 Ways I Found

Silence, quietly pondering, sitting – DAILY –

Survive! In Silencesometimes a battle, but ever vigilant.

Treasured time.

Time for reflection,

renewal, inspiration and especially personal revelation. I love the pause, the break, the breath, the visualization, the courage, the balance, the beauty that leaves a wake of hope, of peace and love.

Observing, directing my thoughts, my focus, analyzing and trusting.

Survive! Step back and Observe

Reborn by asking?  Finding answers… Revitalized with understanding.  Stepping back so eyes can see clearly, not perfectly, but clearly.

Exercising agency; gaining personal power.

Learning, opening … ever the student, ever the disciple.

My mind surviving in it’s honored place atop the gift of a body.


Fear recognized and cherished then vanishes.  Habits observed,  those that serve are welcomed and those that don’t are not and with effort changed.

Responsibility accepted for everyday happenings. Survive! Be defenseless

And sometimes…tears. Defenseless in all situations, I apology often. On my knees in praise and joy for life just the way it is. Successes celebrated! Smiles abound!


This is more than Survival..This is Truly Living…Full, Vibrant, Vulnerable

The Life I live everyday! Bright! Peaceful! Full! Scary! Wonderful!

You can, too!  Join Me…

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Robert Rea - May 23, 2016

Deep and Creative, WOW

Robert Rea - May 23, 2016

Deep and Creative, WOW

    Debbie - June 7, 2016

    Ahhh Robert! Hope life is Well…and you are still moving on in this journey of life! Thanks!


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