MK Week #6 – How You Can Greet Each Day with Love

115bae49b0dc5cfe30521d485d6425d9“I Greet this Day with Love in my Heart”                                            A favorite all time quote! I love the mastery it requires to accomplish this feat! I love that I’m working on this and that I’m getting better at it!  When I’m in this mode of thinking, it seems I have power over everything! If things don’t quite work out the way I want them to, it’s like water off a duck’s back.k17485957

It simply doesn’t effect me! I love living this way!

I haven’t always been able to do this…and honestly, I still am not perfect at it. But when I do! Ahhh, it’s like I’ve come home to a place I long to be all the time! It’s not a memory that is better than reality. It is a remembrance of who and what I am living in my reality!
Haanel teaches, “To be in tune with eternal truth we must possess poise and harmony within.”
“When we come into a harmonious relationship with the Universal”, Haanel says, “the way will be made plain…what effect can be produced by thought?  The thought is mind in motion, and it’s effect will depend entirely on the mechanism to which it is attached!”
The mechanism you ask?
The brain of man!brain_1710627c
You are what you think! Plain and Simple!
What if everyday you thought, “Today, whatever is, is right!” That’s it…whatever comes, you know it’s right and you greet every event with a heart full of love!
It might seem like a “Mission Impossible” and if you think this, you’re right it is impossible! But if you have an inkling to try it…watch out! It changes ones life!

meditation-yoga-posture-of-a-sitting-man_318-62581Do This Assignment:

Take a seat.  Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Think of a favorite memory. What picture do you see? Think about the detail. Roam around in this memory for a minute or two. No need to rush. What emotion are you feeling as you look back into time? Pretty amazing that you can remember and call up that emotion, huh?
Now, feel that emotion…just sit with this emotion for a minute. Relive it! Could I see the emotion if I were watching you?
Without opening your eyes…picture something you don’t like. Don’t spend any time remembering or reliving this…Yes picture it…and then take the emotion you felt in the first exercise and feel it here…YES…Feel the positive emotion as you remember something you don’t like.
If you try you can do this! And this is KEY!o-infinity-facebook
If you can do it once, you can do it over and over again!

This is the Law of Duel Thought.

You have the right and ability to choose any emotion to attaching to any thought you are having! Period!

So, what if every person you meet, you look at them with love…let it shine through your eyes.
Og Mandino says, “Quietly and to yourself, say to that person, “I love you!”” They will feel your love!
Every situation that comes, you say, “I love what I’m learning!” ” I love that I get to experience this!”
Think of the eternal Poise and Harmony that will be your constant companion!
Today I Greet All Things with Love in My Heart!
How do you want to live?a3a7dda84f332934746b2d29b7896731
Me…I choose to live in Love!
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