MK 2016 Week #1 – 1 Simple Discovery for Immediate Success

1 simple tool for my immediate success
I’ve learned to complete 1 task a week…Yep that’s it!
Here’s how it works
Every Sunday I write on a 3X5 card…I will do this  by next Sunday’s date…
Here’s an example
I sew Natalie’s quilt top by Sept 11th, 2016…
At the very bottom of the card, I write.  I Always Keep my Promises…and sign it
Debbie A,
When the task is completed…I put a check mark by it and continue to read it everyday…actually a couple times a day…AND Most Importantly…I Celebrate it’s completion every time I read it!
Then I write the next week’s task…
A Hint for Success:
(The task can’t be something that has to be done like taking out the trash…and it can’t be something that requires someone else’s help…i.e. I call the plumber to fix the faucet)
I know you’re thinking…well that is so easy…so simple!  I know! It is!
Over time, my 3×5 card becomes a card that shows me all I have accomplished!  Pretty great, huh?! I can look at 1 card and see  2 months of tasks I’ve followed through on…and…the best thing

I really start to believe that I keep my promises.

Mother and child pinky swearing, Japan

What have you done lately to recognize your accomplishments?
I bet you have NO Problem remember the last thing you did wrong…. Hey, I can think of several just writing this.
What if all you needed were a few simple tools to recognize when you’re thinking negatively…and change it FAST…before the subconscious mind picks it up and transforms it into physical reality?
7 Seconds is what you need, before the synapses fire in the brain. Not Possible you say…Oh it is!
This week The Master Key MasterMind Alliance started again…I learned these tools about 2 years ago from today!  And they have changed my life!  They can change your’s too.
So many have asked me, “What is the Master Keys?”
The Master Key Experience is just that…a systematic course
  • Simple tools you use to train yourself!
  • Hands on Help with a personal guide!
  • Understanding Positive Thinking, not just saying positive affirmations, but thinking positively!
It’ isn’t about saying this is what I want…
It’s about living NOW how you want to be Later!

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