Master Keys Week #7 – Mental Dieting ! ? *&#@> !!!

Mental Dieting !   images-31 Arnells13 ?#D@!+<>!

And yet at the same time, “Ahhh!”, “I feel at home”, “Safe” and “Oh, Yea, I remember this me…and I like her!”

What a whirlwind week of emotion!img_1261

A new Grandson…A miracle! Love wrapped in this bundle of joy and peace! Littles meeting littles! Family Time! Watching a daughter’s success! Loving the emotion, as a new life envelopes your heart in love and bewilderment! Seeing the unity as sisters and brothers support and love. Watching cousins love each other. Harmony in Action…

And then…



…a few disappointments…some decisions you’re not sure of…confusion…

Where do you turn? To Heaven…to Peace… to Prayer…pray

To my exercises…to my sit, my quiet, my own special place…No One can EVER take this away!

Only I can choose to Not Come!

LLYoga14-103-2And I choose WELL! “Ahh, I’m home and safe!”

Just do the Work! The Peace Comes!

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Theresa Newell - November 14, 2016

Thanks for sharing. I loved the pictures.


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