Master Key Week 8 – A Practice…A Miracle….!!!

Today, I’ve been with a daughter and her new son…A Miracle Baby!

img_1243We are to hate nothing, not even the “bad” because hatred is destructive…” Haanel

I’ve watched my daughter. Wait for this baby with patience and tenacity! True Persistence in action; Never giving in to the doubts that crept so close!

Closing her mind to every element that sought admittance, which had no helpful end in view! I am in awe that this is my daughter! That she with her hubby…lived in faith! Never succumbing to the futility of this process! Her knowledge was gained and she lived in power, with a perfect brightness of hope!

And Now…watching her hold and love and cuddle this bundle of joy, my heart swells beyond what I ever thought was possible! How can we Love so Much? By Loving!

All of us have paths that cross through uncertainty and pain, but how we choose to think about what is upon us…that is Our Choice!

In yoga class this week our Mantra was…Inhale…”I offer all I am!”…Exhale… “I surrender my will and Give thanks for ALL” Over and over in class we chanted and thought this phrase…Standing still, folding over, lunging back, lowering down, stepping forward, folding in again, twisting, breathing, moving, balancing, siting and lying! Until we had practiced this for over an hour…and then Guess What?  When we stepped off of our mat and into life…we kept thinking this again and again.


This is the practice of yoga! This is the practice of the Master Key System! This is the practice of Life!

My daughter practiced this for years! My neighbor for decades! All of us for a lifetime!

Bring on the Practice! The wobbles, the failures…and let me prove herewith, what I am about! The Love, the Successes!

Ever think what a miracle it is that plants can grow from such small seeds? The Miracle of figuring out how a cell phone can work? How did someone get the idea to Create the ability to fly like a bird?

Or the Greatest one of all…birth?

“The imagination gathers up the material by which the mind weaves the fabric in which your future is to be clothed. Imagination is the the Light by which we can penetrate new world of thought and experience. Imagination is the instrument by which every discover, every inventor opened the way…” Haanel

Your prayers of Faith are imaginations gathered together and sent on high…Asking for a miracle! Shutting out the negative whispers! Letting the positive live in you and creating the miracle, because you were willing to ask and to persist and to believe!

…to be continued…

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