Essential Oils – My 1st Line of Defense!


Essential Oils came into my life over 20 years ago! An aliment that had plagued me from childhood into adulthood?? I was constantly being diagnosed with Strep Throat!  Penicillin shots were a regular childhood occurrence. OUCH! I didn’t really like this!injection-519388__340

Well, fast-forward 20 + years…I am diagnosed again with Strep Throat! This time, however, was different. The antibiotic didn’t work! A 2nd dose didn’t either. Neither, did a 3rd! I was resistant! Still sick I asked just what were my options.  I can still see the Dr’s face of concern as he said,

“I don’t know what to do!”

Upon arriving home a dear friend asked if I was willing to try something different. I looked I’m sure very quizzical and answered, “Like What?”

And so began my path to Natural Healing Solutions and my introduction to Essential Oils! Many who love EO have had a similar experience. While I can’t say, “I’ve been healed!” FDA you see…I can say, “That 1992 was the last time I needed a dose of any antibiotic!” Not bad…huh!6794091

4 years ago, I found an Essential Oil’s Company that did the Purity Testing by a 3rd party, had the ability to track lots on every bottle and their Oils were ingestible!  I knew I was home! I had found the brand that was the purest. I fell in love with the Science behind why they work! I’ve simg_1221hared and relished in people’s success stories! I knew these Oils would forever be a part of my life!

I have Adult Children…You know parents are here for Adult Children to mock and lovingly make fun of…Here’s 1 daughter on Halloween asking, “Who am I?”  Notice the little oil carrier bag on her sweatshirt, the grey spray in her hair and the flip flops! Nothing is Sacred anymore.

Honestly, they all use them…It has Become our 1st Line of Defense!

How do Oils really work?

Really…they are just plants…whether steam distilled or cold-pressed, they are the most concentrated form of nutrition your body needs. Because they are Oils, they easily penetrate the cell wall getting right to the nucleus of the cell, giving our bodies what they need so they can most effectively fight off infection.

It’s not rocket science, and it works! For centuries man used plants for healing and helping the body’s immune system to function optimally! I often call them… God’s Gifts from the Earth!gifts-doterra-1024x463

I’ve become a huge Oil Fan-atic! These Oils have changed my life by improving my feelings of health and well-being. I know I can use something so pure, potent and free of side-effects on myself and my family! I’m empowered to take back control of my own life! I’ll never be without these oils…eofanlogo

and…guess what??

I’ve created a Life-Style I had only Dreamed of before… I would never have thought I would create an income sharing these Oils…

Better Health?

Tax Advantages?

More $, which we know means a Better Lifestyle…

  • November 15, 2016
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