Hi I'm Debbie, I’d like to share about what I do and why I do it

I'm a wife, mother and a grandmother! I have always loved being active! I grew up watching my parents, exercise daily. Learning and sharing were weekly activities in my home; the understanding of connection with a Divine source permeated my young life. I shared much of what I learned with my own children.

In 2000, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue,
 I was healthy one day and then all of a sudden I was exhausted! I didn’t know what was wrong…neither did the Drs…What happened as I underwent a Massive Change...
is the story I'd love to share with you...

After High School, I was offered scholarships to dance at the University of Utah. A year later I transferred to Brigham Young University where I earned a BS. I performed with many different dance companies. Later, while raising my family and still loving to move I taught Aerobics and Spinning classes.
Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, I underwent a major change, unable to continue my traditional way of moving. I started down the path of healing me! What I found has changed me For the Better! Over the past 15 years, I've helped many people, including myself find new avenues of living a life filled with activity, health, passion and hope. I discovered for myself that when we continuously look for our flaws, eventually, the body begins to break down. What we create within manifests what is happening without. 
Yoga, became a lifeline. True Nutrition that comes from the Earth became a staple habit. Thoughts have become dream building!
A few years ago when I needed to create an income, I passionately studied the art of Teaching Yoga! I opened my mind to New Possibilities in the way I processed information! I became involved with a MasterMind group! What has followed has left me grinning with an excitement that bubbles up from deep within me!  
This New equation for success has become my guide.
DMP + PMA + POA + MMA = Success!!

I developed an understanding of:

  • What our bodies need in the way of nutrition and movement
  • What our minds need in the way of proper thought and vision,
  • The spirit and heart are Never to be forgotten!

Today, as a mother of 5, grandmother to 12 and counting! My days are filled with helping others find their path!  I still love being outdoors in nature - playing with grandkids, hiking, tandem biking with my husband, water skiing, swimming, boating and working in my yard, but I love the career I've created of Sharing HOW to Become the YOU - the one of your dreams! However Old that dream is... When we unite our Mind, Body and Spirit the results are Breathtaking!

What I Specialize In and What Qualifies Me to Guide You...

  • Teacher of Optimal Health
  • Fitness & Yoga Instructor
  • Certifier of Yoga Instructors
  • Master Key Guide
  • Master Mind Alliance Lover
  • Essential Oil User and Sharer
  • Network Marketer
  • Lover of Life
  • Mother of 5 and Grandma to 10
  • Believer in God
  • Divine in Nature
  • Connecter of Body, Mind & Spirit

Would it be OK with you if I shared with you a message of
hope, inspiration and knowledge to aid you in rediscovering your best self?